Is it ethical to support Amazon?

You decide!

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Over the past thirty years, Amazon has grown from a small bookseller to a global behemoth valued at over one *trillion* dollars. For many consumers, Amazon provides a number of invaluable services, from incredibly fast deliveries to a massive library of on-demand streaming content. Nevertheless, Amazon’s historic rise has also raised many ethical concerns, such as how the company treats its employees and the environment. In the end, is Amazon good for the US? Or is it harmful?

Discussion Questions

1. The “CON” side map gives evidence that Amazon’s labor practices are harmful. Does this evidence convince you to stop using Amazon’s products and services? Why or why not?

2. The “PRO” side claims that Amazon is good for the US economy, while the “CON” side claims that it is harmful to the economy. The economy is very complicated, so which side do you find more convincing, and why?

3. Does Amazon investing in renewable energy make up for the fossil fuels it burns to support its massive global operations?