ThinkerAnalytix is an educational nonprofit working in partnership with classroom teachers and Harvard’s Department of Philosophy. We make tools to help students build logic and reasoning skills using a research-backed method called argument mapping. Our online course and classroom activities use argument maps to examine and discuss controversial ethical questions in fields such as politics, biology and computer science. TA also develops practical strategies to implement our materials in classrooms.


Our mission is to equip all students with the skills to make and understand arguments by exposing how reasons work together to support a claim.


We envision a world where every student:

  • Has rich and abundant opportunities to practice reasoning skills until achieving mastery
  • Values reasoning as an intrinsic good to be pursued for its own sake
  • Is empowered to think for themselves about what is true, just, and beautiful – and to communicate their ideas successfully


We value:

  • A commitment to the truth: Students are inspired to think courageously and to challenge beliefs and institutions.
  • Intellectual humility: Students experience the process of changing their minds.
  • Empathy: Students listen rigorously and work to understand those they disagree with.
  • Joy and humor: Students experience analysis and debate as exciting and constructive.