About ThinkerAnalytix

ThinkerAnalytix is an educational nonprofit that partners with the Harvard Department of Philosophy. We help students practice the skills of logical reasoning and intellectual charity using a research-backed method called argument mapping.

We create resources for educators to use with students, such as our interactive textbook, puzzle game, and the Disagreement Project workbook.

You can find a list of our partner schools here.


We envision a world in which every student…​

  • practices critical thinking skills until achieving expertise.
  • thinks independently about what is true, just, and fair – and communicates their ideas successfully.
  • engages opposing viewpoints with rigor and charity.


We value:

  • A commitment to the truth: Students are inspired to think courageously and to challenge beliefs and institutions.
  • Intellectual humility: Students experience the process of changing their minds.
  • Empathy: Students listen rigorously and work to understand those they disagree with.
  • Joy and humor: Students experience analysis and debate as exciting and constructive.