We are a team of philosophers, teachers, and past students, as well as, non-profit, education, and technology experts.

Anne Sanderson

CEO/Co-Founder | 20+ year High School Teacher | Associate in Philosophy, Harvard University

Nathan Otey

COO | Fellow in Philosophy, Harvard University | BA in Philosophy & Math, Harvard University

Jonathan Haber

Digital Learning Consultant | Inaugural Visiting Fellow, HarvardX | Author, MOOCs: The Essential Guide(MIT Press), Critical Voter

Priten Shah

Non-Profit Consultant | CEO, United 4 Social Change | Co-Founder,


Edward Hall, Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University, Department Chair
Lauren Davidson, Co-Founder, ThinkerAnalytix, PhD in Philosophy, Harvard University
Sean Kelly, Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University
Simon Cullen, Teaching Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Meg Campbell, Founder, Codman Academy Charter Public School
Karen Russell, English teacher, Lexington High School
Gina Schouten, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University
Lucas Stanczyk, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University
Ibi Wanu, Graduate Student, Northeastern University
Margo Seltzer, 150 Research Chair in Computer Systems and the Cheriton Family Chair in Computer Science, University of British Columbia
Priten Shah, CEO/Founder, United 4 Social Change | Co-Founder, DryErase Ventures LLC


  • Harvard Department of Philosophy
  • Codman Academy
  • Harvard Ed Portal
  • Lexington High School
  • Teachers as Scholars
  • Harvard Crimson Academy
  • Harvard Summer School
  • Brighton High School
  • United 4 Social Change