Help us make reasoning skills accessible.

Because we know that when it comes to thinking and communicating clearly, it’s tough out there.

Classroom discussions get stuck or go off the rails. 

Ethically complex issues create confusion and tension at work.

Conversations with peers and colleagues get heated and end in frustration. 

And let’s not even get started on social media.

We’ve found that reasoning skills can help. 

For the last eight years ThinkerAnalytix has worked with adults and young people alike to develop their “reasoning muscles”. We aim to help people:

  • Identify when someone is making, or not making, a reasoned argument
  • Analyze arguments, and evaluate how strong or weak they are
  • Craft well-reasoned arguments, and communicate them effectively

With roots in Harvard University’s Department of Philosophy, we use research-backed methods like argument mapping and mastery learning to teach these skills. Our clients and partners report improved critical thinking, streamlined verbal and written communication, and clarified decision making.

We’re jazzed about the difference that strong reasoning skills can make for thinking and communicating clearly. We hope you are too! If so, please consider supporting our mission today – help us make reasoning skills accessible for all.

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