For Better Disagreements

While the social problems that surface with extreme disagreements loom large, history shows that the best learning happens through disagreement that is collaborative, inquisitive, and fearless. We teach skills that support productive disagreements.

We are an education non-profit organization spun out of the Harvard University Department of Philosophy. We leverage thousands of years of pedagogy from philosophy and front-edge education technology to offer a portfolio of courses and programs that teach productive disagreement as an embedded part of academic and professional communities.

Our Impact

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Our Values & Process

“Startup” Approach

ThinkerAnalytix is squarely (and proudly) a non-profit. But our approach to program design and refinement is inspired by the “startup” mentality. We believe constant engagement with our audience teaches us how to adjust quickly and update our offerings to meet changing contexts. As a nonprofit, we keep our price points low and prioritize interaction with professors, teachers, students, and professionals in our audience.

Research-backed Pedagogy

ThinkerAnalytix started as an outreach program that exported research and methods from universities to K-12 institutions to teach reasoning skills. While we have always based our program and product designs on research-backed pedagogy, we are now forging partnerships with leaders in educational research as collaborators and consultants.


Our custom learning platform adapts to different learners in different domains. This platform allows all types of learners to build skills at their own pace. Our audiences expect tools that are technologically advanced and accessible. It is not enough to get the program content right; it has to be delivered through mediums that are interactive, engaging, and accessible.

Key Collaborators

Visual Learning Lab

Studying the psychological conditions under which students and the general public can be prepared for clear reasoning and systematic listening. TA is contributing as expert consultants.


Developing a cutting-edge course teaching reasoning skills through deep philosophical questions for a worldwide audience, in partnership with Harvard's Norman E. Vuilleumier Professor of Philosophy Dr. Edward Hall.

Harvard School of Education

Building a new standard of professional education for teachers, professors, and institutional leaders in our core methods. Also partnering with HGSE staff to innovate the way professional courses are designed, marketed, and delivered.

NCSU Honors Program

The largest study of its kind to test the impact of argument mapping on college students’ reasoning skills. thinkARGUMENTS is the core instructional tool used in the study. The goal? To lay the skills students need to take advantage of campus dialogue and achieve academically.