Harvard Business Review: 3 Simple Habits to Improve Your Critical Thinking

A few years ago, a CEO assured me that his company was the market leader. “Clients will not leave for competitors,” he added. “It costs too much for them to switch.” Within weeks, the manufacturing giant Procter & Gamble elected not to renew its contract with the firm. The CEO was shocked — but he […]

Time: How to Win Every Argument

In his 1936 work How to Win Friends and Influence People, now one of the bestselling books of all time, Dale Carnegie wrote: “I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way under high heaven to get the best of an argument — and that is to avoid it. Avoid it as you […]

Inside Higher Ed: Ethics for Moral Fundamentalists

I am a philosophy professor whose specializations include ethics and politics, and my recent semesters have inevitably spotlighted current conditions of American moral and political discourse. I invite you to sit in on one of my spring 2019 ethics classes. There’s nothing exceptional about this class, but a visit may reveal one of many ways […]

What is Argument Mapping, and why does it matter?

What is Argument Mapping, and why does it matter?  Well, you know those knee-gut reactions to controversial subjects that rise up like acid reflux whenever you’re in otherwise friendly company?  Oh jeez.  The workplace was flowing with synergy and ergonomics and other happy, productive buzzwords until so-and-so brought up religion, or politics, or whether that […]

Harvard University: Grad Students Teach Philosophy to High School Students

This summer, three Department of Philosophy doctoral candidates took part in a week-long course and mentorship program for area high school students. The program, entitled “Consent and Civic Participation,” was jointly sponsored by ThinkerAnalytix—a non-profit organization that “develops materials and programs to equip high school students with reasoning skills that cross academic disciplines”—and Harvard Ed Portal, a […]

Charity Principle: Presidential Debate

Uncharitable interpretations contribute to the polarization of our country. Instead of convincing others, uncharitable interpretations will only strengthen support of loyal supporters while pushing away others. One example of where the charity principle was not used was during the final presidential debate in 2016 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This was a clear case […]

Business Insider: 10 skills employers will want the most in 2020

Professional development: It’s not always clear what to focus on. Should you go to a coding bootcamp? Invest in a social media marketing course? Attend a communications training? What should you do to help you excel in your current job — or prepare you for your next one? According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), […]

The Conversation: What is critical thinking? And do universities really teach it?

There has been a spate of articles and reports recently about the increasing importance of critical thinking skills for future employment. A 2015 report by the Foundation for Young Australians claims demand for critical thinking skills in new graduates has risen 158% in three years. This data was drawn from an analysis of 4.2 million online job postings from […]

The Learning Scientists: Can We Teach Critical Thinking?

Arguably one of the most valued and sought after skills that students are expected to learn is critical thinking. The ability to think critically, and by extension solve problems and exercise effective decision making, is highly prized among employers and academics. Instructors and programs therefore face a lot of pressure to improve this valuable skill. […]

Degree of Freedom: Civics and Critical Thinking

From the new blog… One of the reasons last month’s Civic Learning Impact and Measurement Convening in California was so familiar, even for this relative newbie to the community, was that the challenges faced by those dedicated to civic education and the teaching of critical thinking are very similar. As the experts at the event pointed out, while […]