Final Report: Critical Thinking with Argument Mapping

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Using argument mapping to improve critical thinking skills

Tim van Gelder

Cognitive and pedagogical benefits of argument mapping:L.A.M.P guides the way to better thinking

Yanna Rider and Neil Thomason

The potential of argument mapping as a tool for teaching critical thinking in secondary school

Tim Lidåker

Assessing the efficacy of argument diagramming to teach critical thinking skills in introduction to philosophy

Maralee Harrell

Improving first-year writing using argument diagramming

Maralee Harrell and Danielle Wetzel

An evaluation of argument mapping as a method of enhancing critical thinking performance in e-learning environments

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Argument maps improve critical thinking

Charles Twardy

Argumentation step-by-step: learning critical thinking through deliberate practice

ANN J. Cahill and Stephen Bloch-Schulman