Which is better: candy or chocolate?

You decide!

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Which sweet treat is better — candy or chocolate? This debate is deeper than you might think!

First, it’s important to define the difference between these two. For this debate, chocolate will be defined as a food made from cocoa beans or based on the cocoa flavor, while candy will be defined as an edible confectionery with sugar as a main ingredient. Simply put, the key point is that chocolate must taste chocolatey, and candy just needs to taste sweet.

Both are a must-have for every checkout lane, vending machine, and Halloween party, but which will reign supreme? As you examine the evidence on both sides, just try to remember to keep it civil, and don’t be sour.

Click on the puzzles linked above to see the top arguments on both sides!

Discussion Questions

1. What are your personal criteria for deciding whether one kind of food is better than another? Do you focus more on health or taste?

2. Each side in this debate points out the shortcomings of the other side. For example, chocolate may be less versatile than candy, while candy is arguably more unhealthy than chocolate. Which of these “cons” are more tolerable, and why?

3. Do you think it is possible that chocolate is actually just one specific kind of candy? If so, what is your argument for that claim?

4. Regardless of how you feel about this topic, what is the best argument on the other side, and why?

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