Should colleges mandate P.E.?

You decide!

Puzzle Games


Most of us are familiar with the sometimes beloved and sometimes dreaded Physical Education class—a staple of middle and high schools across the United States. Yet, while some colleges have a mandated PE requirement, most schools in the nation do not require their students to take PE.

In an era where health and wellness have become part of our national discourse, should colleges help students develop healthy exercise habits through PE? On the flip side, should adult students be required to take part in school-mandated exercise? Would a PE requirement unfairly exclude students with disabilities?

Solve the puzzles linked above to see the top arguments on both sides!

Discussion Questions

  1. Are colleges responsible for more than the intellectual growth of their students? Give a reason to support your answer.
  2. Would a PE requirement be discriminatory against some students? How or how not?
  3. How does your personal experience of exercise and/or PE classes affect your answer to this question?
  4. Regardless of your personal opinion, what is the best argument on the other side, and why?


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