Are cats better pets than dogs?

You decide!

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Cats or dogs – which is the better pet?

It’s an age-old debate between pet owners, nearly all of whom feel passionately that their preferred furry friend is inherently superior for such a role. Some of these enthusiasts will make preposterous claims to support their side. But is there any logic to this madness?

You’re in the right place to find out!

Discussion Questions

1. What is the most important factor in determining the best pet? (for example, cleanliness, loyalty, fun, etc.)

2. There’s a saying that people with cat-like personalities tend to prefer dogs, and people with dog-like personalities tend to prefer cats. Do you think this is true? Give evidence for your answer.

3. Is there a different animal that you think makes the best pet, besides cats or dogs? Why?

4. What is the most hilarious dog or cat video you have ever seen?