Should we get rid of Daylight Saving Time?

You decide!

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Every November, most Americans enjoy an extra hour of sleep as our clocks “fall back” an hour, but on the other hand the sun now sets before most people are even done working for the day.

Our society’s practice of switching clocks back and forth is associated with all kinds of negative public health outcomes, such as increased heart problems, mood disorders, and car accidents. Is it worth it?

Read the top arguments on both sides to decide yourself!


Want to read more about Daylight Saving Time? See what students have to say! Check out this map submitted by Jane Skavlem from Mount Greylock Regional High School!

Discussion Questions

1) Are you more of a “morning person” or an “evening person,” and how does that affect the way you feel about Daylight Saving Time?

2) Does DST make sense economically? Why or why not?

3) To what extent does DST help or harm the environment?

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