Are there more doors or wheels in the world?

You decide!

Puzzle Games


Twitter user Ryan Nixon had no idea what he was about to start when he posted a poll: “Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?” This deceptively simple question soon caught the attention of millions and it seemed that everyone had something to add – even celebrities like James Corden and Hank Green chimed in.

No need to scour the web – we’ve already aggregated the top arguments on both sides. You’re welcome.

Click on the puzzle links above or the map links below!

Discussion Questions

1. What counts as a door and what counts as a wheel? Think about things like revolving doors, pulley systems, and even cells!

2. Would it be possible to find a scientific answer to the doors vs. wheels debate? What are the best ways to estimate the numbers?

3. In your daily life, do you feel that you encounter more doors or more wheels?

4. Regardless of which side you come down on, what do you think is the best argument on the other side?

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