Would it be good to live forever?

You decide!

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From the Epic of Gilgamesh to the Fountain Of Youth, humans have long sought after immortality. Recent advances in science and technology have made the prospect of increasing the human lifespan much more realistic, with some saying that people currently alive could make it to 150.

However, others question whether increasing the human lifespan is a worthwhile or a just pursuit in the first place. Do we lose something fundamental about the human condition when we drastically broaden the horizons of our lifespan?

Discussion Questions

1. If you had the option to live to 150, would you do it? (Consider how your body and mind would age over time.) If you knew you would live that long, how would you live your life differently?

2. The “YES” side argues that with an increased lifespan, humanity would become wiser because older people are wiser. How credible do you find this argument? Give examples from your own personal experience to support your answer.

3. The “NO” side also appeals to wisdom, by claiming that the human quest for self-preservation is fundamentally misguided, based on the wisdom of the ages. How true, and how relevant, is this claim?