Is a hot dog a sandwich?

You decide!

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Memorial Day weekend means barbecues. Barbecues mean hot dogs. Hot dogs mean controversy.

Meanwhile, many baseball stadiums are re-opening post-COVID. MLB fans typically eat around 20 million hot dogs and 4.5 million sausages per season, with the reigning world champion Dodgers and their iconic Dodger Dog regularly selling the most. (Hot dog sales are correlated with wins for MLB teams.)

Clearly, hot dogs occupy an important role in American culture. But the debate has yet to be settled: is it a sandwich or not?

Check out the maps below to see the arguments on both sides!

Discussion Questions

1. What is your definition of a sandwich? Can you think of any counter-examples to this definition?

2. Do you think that vegetarians should get an equal say in this debate?

3. Do you believe that hot dogs are the quintessentially American food? If not, can you think of a food that is even more American?