Is cereal a soup?

You decide!

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If you have an opinion on the cereal-soup debate, it’s probably a strong one.

While you may not have given it much thought before now, we can practically guarantee you’ll be mulling over the question all day. After all, you eat cereal from a bowl with a spoon…you know, just like soup.

Then again, cereal is usually eaten cold in the morning, often with milk. So it’s not soup, right? Well, soups like gazpacho are served cold. And some soups have grains in them, like cereal.

Click the puzzle links above or the map links below to see the top arguments on both sides!

Discussion Questions

1. Can you come up with a definition of “soup” that includes everything which you consider to be a soup, and also rules out everything that you would *not* consider to be a soup?

2. Who should be considered to be an authority in this debate? If someone does not eat cereal, should their opinion count?

3. Regardless of which side you fall on, what is the best argument on the other side, and why?

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