Is water wet?

You decide!

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The internet has long been “polarized” on this slippery question. Despite many social media influencers claiming to have settled the argument, tension remains high and the debate boils on. What is the best reasoning on each side?

Read the top arguments on both sides to decide yourself!

Discussion Questions

1. We need to define the concept of “wetness.” One dictionary definition says that wetness is being covered or soaked with water (or another liquid), but wetness could also be the subjective feeling we get when we touch something that we think is wet. What do you think?

2. Both sides of this debate have a line of argument that uses the first definition above, but they disagree about whether water can be covered or be soaked by other water. Which side makes more sense to you, and why?

3. The “water is not wet” side claims that something could only be “wet” if it could also be “dry.” How persuasive is this claim, and why?

4. Try to find someone who disagrees with you about this topic, and see if you can discover exactly why you disagree. What it would take for one of you to change your mind?

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