Should schools give students days off for mental health?

You decide!

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Faced with high stress levels among adolescents and a mental health crisis that includes worsening suicide rates, some states are now allowing students to declare a mental health day.

In the last two years alone, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, Oregon and Virginia have passed bills permitting children to be absent from school for mental or behavioral health reasons. These efforts were often aided or spearheaded by students.

However, critics worry that these measures, while well-intentioned, may have unintended negative effects.

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Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever taken days off to take care of your mental health? If so, how helpful was the break?

2. The PRO side argues that students’ mental health is declining significantly in recent years. What do you think is the most significant cause of this decline?

3. The CON side of the argument emphasizes that mental health days off may be counterproductive, as there is a risk in cultivating an attitude of avoidance while also favoring temporary solutions. How persuasive is this argument and why?

4. The CON side also mentions that students may take advantage of the opportunity to take days off from school which are not really necessary. Do you think this is a legitimate concern?

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