Is drinking milk good for humans?

You decide!

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Milk is one of the most popular drinks in the US and is a key ingredient in everything from cheese to ice cream. For years, milk has been advertised as a dietary staple and ultra-nutritious superfood. (Anyone from the early 2000s remember the “Got Milk?” campaign?) In recent years, however, some studies have begun to cast doubt on these claims, and some people are suggesting abandoning the dairy train altogether.

Whether you brush your teeth with milk or get queasy just thinking about udders, it is almost guaranteed that either you or someone you know drinks milk on a regular basis. This is a serious and unavoidable issue today. Good thing you’ve made it to this page.

Discussion Questions

1. What makes a food “healthy” or “unhealthy”?

2. What should you do when there appear to be different scientific studies making contradictory claims?

3. Do any of the arguments on either side of this map motivate you to change the way you think about your own consumption of milk and dairy products?