Is there more to life than pleasure?

You decide!

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Considering what truly qualifies as a life well-lived is a question humans have debated since the beginning of time. What is the meaning of life? How can we assure that we get the most out of our days? Philosophers such as Plato and Epicurus diverged in their answers to these questions.

While some posit that the main point of a good life is mainly to seek pleasure, others argue that there is more than that at the core of life such as leaving an impact, being virtuous, or finding meaning. Yet, there are many proven benefits to pleasure, such as its correlation with happiness and enjoyment. In a world with so much uncertainty, maybe all we can count on are the small pleasures that help us stay present.

Solve the puzzles linked above to see the top arguments on both sides!

Discussion Questions

  1. Is it possible to construct a hierarchy of experiences? In other words, is it possible for pleasure to be more or less valuable than another form of fulfillment?
  2. Do the theories of ancient philosophers about the “good life” hold up in the modern world? Why or why not?
  3. Is pleasure the same thing as happiness in your experience? Why or why not?
  4. Think of someone who you would say has lived a good life that you would like to emulate. Is this a person who experiences a lot of pleasure?


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