Is it time pay everyone $15?

You decide!

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With inflation rising rapidly and big companies struggling to attract workers, Target recently announced that it will boost its starting wages for workers in some places up to $24 plus health benefits. Target has already joined Amazon and Best Buy in paying all workers at least $15 per hour. Should the federal government guarantee this much to everyone?

Click the puzzle links above to check out the top arguments on both sides, courtesy of our friends at Close Up.

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Discussion Questions

1. Today, how much money would you say is necessary to live on comfortably? Is it the government’s job to try to ensure that everyone has this amount? Why or why not?

2. What level of government should set the minimum wage? (Federal, state, or city) – and why?

3. The CON side argues that raising the minimum wage would lead to more people becoming unemployed as companies cannot afford to pay as many workers. What do you think would happen to employment levels if the minimum wage is increased? Support your answer with at least one reason.

4. Regardless of your view on this topic, what do you think is best argument *against* your view and why is it a good argument?

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