Should you go vegan?

You decide!

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From the many plant-based milks now available at grocery stores to fast-food chains selling burgers made out of a “meat” that isn’t really meat, vegan diets are more popular than ever. Veganism is a movement that’s taking the world by storm, but not everyone really agrees on what it’s all about.

Is the vegan lifestyle actually worth it? How environmentally friendly is it, really? And how healthy is it as a diet?

Click on the puzzle links above or the map links below to explore each side of the debate!

(Image credit: David Foldvari)

Discussion Questions

1. How important to you is eating meat as a social or cultural practice?

2. How difficult do you think it would be to eliminate all meat and dairy from your diet? What would make it easier or harder?

3. While being vegan often refers to a dietary preference, it may also include the avoidance of all products that have been tested on or derived from animals. How easy would it be to live without using any of these products?

4. How solid is the evidence to support either side of the pro-vegan and anti-vegan argument?

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