Should schools and businesses require the COVID vaccine?

You decide!

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In response to the rapidly spreading Delta variant, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that the City will require proof of vaccination for a number of activities, including indoor dining, gyms, and movie theaters.

Meanwhile, hundreds of colleges (including Harvard) are also requiring that all staff and students on campus be vaccinated.

Proponents say that vaccines are necessary to move society past the pandemic and fully re-open. Critics point to concerns about equity and privacy.

Discussion Questions

1. Do you think more people would get vaccinated if it was required to go to certain restaurants, stadiums, or other public places?

2. The “CON” side claims that requiring vaccines would be unfair to lower-income people. Do you find this persuasive? Why or why not?

3. Do you think that it is legitimate for people to resist getting the vaccine? Why or why not?

4. Given how things are changing rapidly, how can you imagine your views changing in the coming months?