Should society celebrate Valentine’s Day?

You decide!

Puzzle Games


Depending on the status of your love life, you might love or love to despise Valentine’s Day.

Indeed, for a day that’s supposedly all about love, Valentine’s is also notoriously divisive when it comes to its validity as a holiday. Some argue in favor of this famous feast of affection, while others question whether it is more commercialized than genuine.

To see the top arguments on both sides, check out the maps linked below or the puzzles linked above!

Discussion Questions

1. The PRO side of the¬†argument emphasizes that Valentine’s can be good for everyone, not just people who are in committed relationships. How persuasive do you find this, and why?

2. The CON side of the argument focuses on how the day can be consumeristic and materialistic. How persuasive do you find this, and why?

3. How have your feelings about Valentine’s Day changed over the years?

4. How does the religious history of the holiday play into the decision of whether we should celebrate it?

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